Have a child reaching 18?

Is your child 18?  Want to speak to the financial aid counselor?  Have questions for a doctor?  Want access to your child’s bank account?  Then it’s important to have advance directives signed by your child.  So now you ask, what are advance directives?  The 3 basic documents are a Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate Designation, and Living Will.  Why are these important documents?  Because your child is giving permission for you to get information and make decisions that otherwise are only your child’s to make.  No one, especially an 18 year old, wants to think about this.  There is always time.  That’s a myth and we know because we get calls when someone suffers a major injury or illness and has no documents.  All we can do is suggest guardianship. Planning is better than chaos management when something goes wrong.

Also, do you have your documents?  Are they up to date?  This is a chance for family planning for everyone 18 and older.  Don’t wait,  contact us now to discuss your options.