Planning/Special Needs

Examples of Documents That May Be Required for Advance Planning:

  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Designation of Health Care Surrogate
  • Living Will
  • Last Will & Testament
  • Revocable or Living Trust
  • Special Needs Trust

Individuals with special needs often require advance planning for their unique future considerations. While many family members commit themselves to the care of individuals with special needs, further planning needs to be made in the event that the family member is no longer around or able to provide care.

Advance planning is the cornerstone of making your wishes known to your family and loved ones when you are no longer able to make decisions. It also offers the opportunity to protect the financial future of a family member who has special needs.

Advance planning allows you to be in control when you are of sound mind to make strategic decisions about your future and to help avoid critical decisions in times of crisis. Advance planning also helps to save time, money, and frustration that a court intervention might cause for family members who will be left to handle when the individual is no longer able to make their own decisions or care for themselves.

We can help guide you through the most effective and important estate planning decisions based on individual and unique needs. We take a holistic approach when discussing your estate plan, as one size does not fit all. Because each situation is different, there are a number of documents that may be required to be created on behalf of an individual who has special needs.


Planning for the future can be overwhelming, as there are a number of factors to consider. Allow us to provide you with the support and comfort of our personal and professional experiences, to come up with a plan that best suits the needs of you or your loved ones.

Special Needs Planning
With Compassion and Confidence.

In addition to estate planning, an individual with an intellectual disability or mental health diagnosis may need assistance in making other important decisions. Planning can include a supported decision-making agreement to meet the individual’s needs. The plan is a voluntary agreement between an individual and those who will provide support. The plan is complementary to other advance directives, allows autonomy, and may avoid the need for guardianship.

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