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We are educators at heart. Information provides you a base from which to make informed decisions for yourself and your family members. We provide presentations on a number of topics. Please contact us at [email protected] to schedule an informative presentation that interests your group with your potential date and time. We look forward to sharing our enlightening information with your group.

How We Can Help

Advance Directives

Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate Designations, and Trusts

Family Law & Probate

What you need to consider at the time of divorce or establishing paternity.

Sale of Real Property

How you can sell real property from a guardianship or estate.

Funding Special Needs – The Alphabet Soup of SNTs, SSA/SSI, & ABLE

If you’re overwhelmed by the acronyms, we’ll break them down so you can better understand what your loved one might need or be eligible for when it comes to government benefits and paying for supplemental needs.

When Being Mom or Dad Stops Being Good Enough

“But I’m his mother…” While your child’s school, doctors and other service providers are communicating with you now, when your child turns 18, they might not. Learn about the legal options to protect your decision making authority and the family estate planning that is necessary when you have a child with special needs. We’ll take the mystery out of what a guardianship or guardian advocacy really means, what might be less restrictive alternatives, including supportive decision making, along with the pros and cons of each and the associated costs. When we’re done, you’ll have the tools to make an informed choice to assist your loved one with decision making in the future.

Incapacity & Guardianship

The Court procedures if there are no advance directives and an individual needs help.

Planning for a Loved One with Special Needs

This presentation will discuss the importance of planning, along with the various components that need to be considered such as public benefits and housing, special needs trusts, legal decision making authority, and the steps necessary to implement a plan.

Settlement of Minors Claims

The legal requirements if your child receives $15,000 or more.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss how our educational series may benefit your business.