With so much information available on the web it seems impossible to know where to turn. We are providing these links for your exploration but do not endorse any site as having all the answers.  As we find more websites with information, we’ll update the list.

Florida Bar Materials

What is Guardianship?

A general overview of Florida Guardianships

Do you have a Will?

An overview of what a Last Will and Testament is, what happens if there is no Will, and other transfers of property upon death

Probate in Florida

The process for transferring property with a Will and without a Will.

Power of Attorney

A general description of the different types of Power of Attorney documents.

Just Adulting

Loads of information for young adults turning 18.

Florida State Courts


Information about Florida Guardianships with additional links for more information.


A summary of Florida’s Probate Administration proceedings.


Area Aging and Disability Center – Broward County 

The site has information regarding services in Broward County available for seniors or individuals with a mental illness.

Broward 211

A gateway to services offered in Broward County.

Center for Independent Living of Broward

Offers programs and services for individuals with special needs.

Center for Public Representation – Supportive Decision Making

A national advocacy center for individuals with special needs.  The center has 2 pilot programs for supportive decision making to avoid guardianship.

Children Services Council of Broward County

The Council provides services for children.

Family Care Council Florida

Advocates, educates, and empowers individuals with special needs in association with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities.

Florida Developmental Disabilities Council

Assists individuals with disabilities and their families.


Turning 18 guides you through your legal options and helps you and your adult child prepare for the future.

University of Miami/Nova Southeastern CARD

Helps individuals diagnosed with an  autism spectrum disorder.

Laws and Rules

Estates and Trusts

Guardian Advocate


Health Care Directives

Powers of Attorney

Probate Court Rules