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When do you die?

We all understand death when a heart no longer beats and cannot be restarted. But what if its not your heart but you are brain dead as defined by doctors? But wait, what if you are in a persistent vegetative state? This leads to the questions, when and how do you want your life to […]

Getting Divorced

Getting Divorced?  Have an Estate Plan?  Pay on Death Accounts? When getting a divorce don’t forget that it will impact estate plans, beneficiary designations, and pay on death accounts.  Why?  Florida law will presume the former spouse predeceased and is not entitled to the funds.  How do you protect yourself? Make sure the Marital Settlement […]

Children Turing 18

Have a child reaching 18? Is your child 18?  Want to speak to the financial aid counselor?  Have questions for a doctor?  Want access to your child’s bank account?  Then it’s important to have advance directives signed by your child.  So now you ask, what are advance directives?  The 3 basic documents are a Durable […]

Hurricane Season

Are your important documents Hurricane ready? June 1 was the start of hurricane season for us in Florida. It doesn’t end until November 30.  While we all think of protecting our property and getting supplies, we may forget to protect our important documents.  It’s easier to plan to protect our documents now instead of when […]